Complementary feed for dogs

The liverwurst for dogs - practical in the tube for a clean snack on the go or during training

Feeding recommendation:

Our Carnebello liverwurst is particularly tasty and suitable for all dogs as an easy-to-dose, clean treat. Our liverwurst for dogs is free from preservatives and processed without added sugar or grain.
The dogs can lick the liverwurst straight from the tube, which makes our Carnebello liverwurst an ideal snack, for example to keep the dog in a certain position during training or to provide a calming distraction at the vet. Even pills with a bad taste can be easily hidden in the tasty paste. Furthermore, Carnebello Liverwurst is the ideal companion for filling chew toys or when travelling.

Meat and animal by-products (30% pork liver)
bouillon de viande
Oils and Fats (Rapeseed oil)
Vegetables (0,1% Parsley)
Protéines brutes 15,0 %
Matières grasses brutes 30,6 %
Cendres brutes 1,5 %
Fibre brute 1,0 %
Humidité 50,0 %
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