Basic and leisure feed

Unser Apfel-Karotte Müsli ist eine extrem eiweißreduzierte Mischung ohne Hafer, mit hydrothermisch aufgeschlossenen Getreideflocken und der natürlichen Kraft aus Apfel und Karotte.

The muesli is intended for all ponies and horses in light to medium work that need an oat-free, but balanced and natural diet. It is also particularly suitable for horses susceptible to allergies or as a tasty supplement for horses on the pasture. The muesli is pellet-free, contains no molasses but also no extra additional vitamins or minerals. With the addition of EMH, it provides targeted relief and support for the digestive system.
The barley and maize flakes, which provide energy, together with milk thistle oil stimulate the metabolism without affecting the protein balance. The thermal treatment of the grain and the high structural content increase chewing intensity, saliva production and optimise the digestion. This keeps the intestinal flora intact and prevents acidosis. Sunflower seeds provide structurally bound vegetable oils, lecithin and secondary plant substances. Carob, apple and carrots stimulate appetite, support digestion and contain valuable, native vitamins and minerals. The balanced and varied composition ensures slow feed intake and optimises nutrient availability. The composition of the carbohydrate structure, which is optimally adapted to the needs of the horse's digestion, results in an animal-friendly and complete utilisation of energy and nutrients.

The benefits at a glance:
• Ideal supplement to a basic diet of pasture grass
• The high structure content increases chew¬ing intensity and saliva production
• Molasses-free, wheat-free and oat-free for¬mula that is also suitable for horses prone to allergies
• Contains natural ingredients that stimulate appetite
• Extremely palatable and ideal for feeding fussy horses

58,0 g/kg . Protéines 12,2 MJ/kg Énergie

Orge (floconnée) 35,5 %
Maïs (floconné) 29,1 %
Fruits (pomme) marc. 19,6 %
Lucerne séchée (foin) 4,0 %
Huile de Chardon-Marie 2,2 %
Caroube écrasée 2,0 %
Tournesol 2,0 %
Carottes (séchées) 1,4 %
Pommes (séchées) 1,4 %
Mucilages de carottes 1,3 %
Carbonate de calcium 0,7 %
extrait de plante fermenté (EMH) 0,6 %
Protéines brutes 8,90 %
Matières grasses brutes 5,70 %
Fibre brute 8,70 %
Cendres brutes 3,40 %
Calcium 0,40 %
Phosphore 0,25 %
Sodium 0,03 %
Magnésium 0,10 %
Amidon 36,70 %
Sucre 5,80 %
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