Carnebello Advent Calender for dogs
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Complementary feed for dogs

"Sweeten" your fur nose the pre-Christmas period! The Carnebello Advent Calendar for dogs surprises with 24 delicious, hard-baked dog biscuits made from healthy and natural ingredients.

Behind every door there is a Christmassy dog snack with the best ingredients, whereby we deliberately avoided adding sugar and artificial colors or flavorings.

All dog snacks in the Carnebello Advent Calendar are also grain-free and contain no meat by-products. The Christmas dog treats contain no beef or pork, which means that you can give your sensitive dog 24 little pre-Christmas treats with the Carnebello Advent Calendar.

In order to avoid unnecessary plastic waste, the inlay of the Carnebello Advent Calendar consists of a special BioForm film, which consists exclusively of natural, renewable and degradable raw materials. The film is also 100% mineral oil-free, 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable.

And if you are searching for a special Christmas present for your darling: you will find a discount code for the Carnebello dog food online shop on every Carnebello Advent Calendar.

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